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What does EOS mean?

European professional services

We are unique in that our clients are almost exclusively private companies. Since you have to pay so much to the state, we are trying to get you something back through grants to support your investments.

We are financial and processual
advisor regarding public funding

Because we help secure public funding for your investment.

Because we guide you through the process of securing public funding – from application submission through approval and execution to monitoring.

Čo znamená EOS?

Európske odborné služby

Sme špecifickí v tom, že našimi klientmi sú takmer výlučne súkromné spoločnosti. Keď toľko veľa musíte dávať štátu, my sa vám snažíme od neho niečo získať späť cez granty na podporu vašich investícií 

Sme finančno - procesný
poradca na verejné zdroje

Lebo hľadáme peniaze na spolufinancovanie vášho zámeru/investície.

Lebo vás prevádzame celým procesom získania verejných peňazí – od podania, cez schválenie, realizáciu až po monitoring. 

Satisfied clients are our most valuable reference

We have been successfully providing comprehensive consulting in the area of securing funding from public resources for our clients' projects for more than 15 years. Our clients are mostly entrepreneurs from these fields:

Research and Development Innovation Heavy industry Food industry Energy industry Waste management ICT Agriculture

We are a proud member of:

We help you fulfill your vision

We offer comprehensive consulting for the entire project cycle.

Assessment and analysis of the possibilities for funding

Preparation and submission of a particular application

Arranging the execution phase of the project

Project monitoring

Our areas of expertise



Air quality



Water quality

Research and Innovation

Waste management

The total value of funds allocated to Slovakia by the European Union until 2030 exceeds


Innovation-friendly business environment

Infrastructure for economic growth and employment

Human resource development and participation on the job market

Sustainable and effective use of natural resources

Modern and professional public administration

is a part
of success

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